Tuesday, June 8, 2021

#Daxon Jones - GoFundMe - Trailer, Bike and all his gear stolen.


#Daxon Jones is a super friendly guy who has always been really good to me at the dirt bike races. He was just down in California (home of thieves) trying to qualify for this year's Loretta Lynn race when his trailer, his Honda 250, and all of his gear was stolen.  I hope they catch the crooks and let us all use them as speed bumps on the track!  Any Gina Broadwell, his aunt, started a fundraiser trying to help him.  GOFUNDME

Gina Broadwell is organizing this fundraiser.

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Accidents & Emergencies

My name is Gina Broadwell and I am a super proud aunt to Daxon Jones. I’ve never set up a GoFund before and I know this is a long shot but, I’m reaching out to ask for help on behalf of Daxon. This 18 year old just graduated with HIGH HOPES and BIG GOALS to start the summer qualifying for The Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, formerly the Loretta Lynn Championship.

Dax has been riding for 13 years with the dream to race this race. He has put so much hard work into reaching his racing goals. Over the weekend he raced in California. This morning he woke up to a trailer filled with his racing bike, tools and gear stolen. The trailer that he bought with his own money, the tools that he and his dad used when they worked on his bike and his racing bike... GONE! Somebody had stolen the trailer off the truck and slit the tires to the truck. Dax is heart broken and we are so sad for him. But, he’s not giving up and he’s working to find a way to replace the items that were stolen. With your help we want to help him as well. The next qualifying race is this Thursday. There is not an amount too small, “A little bit of a lot is still a lot.” If you can help us by donating and or sharing this cause we would be so grateful. Thank you with lots of love- TEAM DAXON

Log on and help Daxon out.

Monday, June 7, 2021

#FLOWVISION GOGGLES - Got to have goggles with the new gear; right?

 Okay, I absolutely love FlowVision Goggles.  So, with the new helmet (maybe) and the new #O'Neal Airwear Freez riding gear I've got to match everything with a great pair of #FlowVision Goggles.  Here's my choices.  Let me know.


Flow Vision Motocross Goggles

     Built for today's dirt bike, Motocross, off-road, Supercross and BMX riders, the FlowVision Rythem/Section Goggle is built to perform at an affordable price. The Rythem/Section™ Motocross Goggles is formed from years of experience and knowing what today's rider, "them" in Rythem, need, clear vision.  With an enhanced ultra thick lens, the Rythem/Section™ Motocross Goggle offers you an un-compromised fitment for today dirt bike riders. #Createyourflow

Got to go with Red, White and Blue

#ONEALRIDERS #ONEOFUS - 5 SRS Sleek Helmet - What do you think?


The #O'Neal 5 SRS Sleek Helmet


Streamlined and Race Ready

The O’Neal 5 SRS Helmet is constructed using a lightweight ABS shell. This 5 SRS line pairs a Coolmax® liner with multiple air vents to help keep you cool and dry during longer rides and hot summer motos. 

What do you think?  I've got the new #O'Neal Red, White and Blue cool #Airwear Freez jerey, pants and gloves on order for my birthday but don't you think I need the cool Red, White and Blue USA #O'Neal 5 SRS Helmet?  Tell me what you think by making a comment below.

Looks Cool; Right?

Saturday, June 5, 2021

#ONEALRIDERS #ONEOFUS - Riding Gear Birthday Present from Grandma & Papa Thomas


What a great birthday present.  My grandma and papa just told me that they ordered new O'Neal riding gear for me for my upcoming birthday.  My gear was getting pretty rough with holes everywhere but I love #O'Neal.  I've tried some other gear like Fly (good lightweight gear but doesn't last very long and expensive with no rider's support) and MSR (good gear for the money but again wears out pretty fast).  I was going to try #ACERBIS but they told me that they wouldn't even have an order into the USA until after August.  No problem, O'Neal is great gear and I'm pretty excited for the new color.  A lot of my blog photos were with my older O'Neal Red and Blue and loved it.  Here are photos of the new gear coming.  I'll post the gear when I get it.  Oh, O'Neal is putting my name and number on the jersey for free.  ...LOVE IT. 


#Airwear Freez Vented Jersey Gray/Blue/Red *FREE Jersey print with pant purchase

#Airwear Freez Vented Pant Gray/Blue/Red

#Airwear Glove Gray/Blue/Red


Thursday, June 3, 2021


  FUTZ FILMZ shot and edited a short film clip on one of my races with the new 2021 Yamaha YZ250F.  Here is the link to the film.  




Hey Slater Company.  I would really like a Sponsorship and to promote the Slater Skins High Flow Air Box Cover.  I would literally promote the crap out of it and honestly, I could really use the extra power for my hole shots at my MX races.πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜„ 

Slater Skins High Flow Air box Cover

Slater Skins new air filter cover for the the 2018 2021 YZ 450F 2019 2021 YZ 250F. With the  increased air flow is a huge improvements over stock. Comes with washer clip to use with stock Dzus fastener 

$ 80.00 Made in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 

contact slaterskins@gmail.com or 203 878 2379 to order 


Hey everybody, if you have a Yamaha like mine, a 2021 Yamaha YZ250F, you really could use a Slater Skins High Flow Air box Cover.  Their information is above the photo.  Help me out here and order one and maybe that will help me get a much needed sponsorship.  Thanks,  Taylor

I need more power for my Hole Shots!  I'm running 91 Octane Ethanol Free gasoline.  Here is a quote from a mechanic on gas:

"Mechanic's Note: If your dirt bike or ATV engine is tuned to run at a higher octane you'll need to invest in higher octane fuel. For example, a higher compression piston could cause the fuel to detonate (causing knocking) rather than burn which affects performance. Check the owner's manual. Most non-ethanol based fuel is rated at 90 octane and recommended for Motocross bikes.

One type of gas to avoid, if at all possible, is ethanol-based. Yes, it is difficult nowadays to find gas that's not corn fed especially in certain parts of the country or during a specific time of year. If you have a choice, pay extra or go out of your way for straight-up gas, otherwise it's OK to use the ethanol-based. It works just fine and won't hamper performance. However, we advise NOT using an ethanol concentration above 10 percent.

The big concern using ethanol-based fuel is corrosion. Ethanol attracts moisture which overtime corrodes vital engine parts. Therefore, burn off all ethanol-based fuel in the tank, drain the tank or add a fuel stabilizer if left in the tank for long periods. Ethanol-based fuel eventually gels and clogs the jets."

I just don't want to run a gas (corn) product that messes up my engine so that's why I try to run the ethanol free but the higher octane is hard to find.  I might have to go to racing fuel for the races.

I need the power!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Just a Teenage MX Rider Covered in MUD!

 I can honestly say that I had one of the most fun days of racing motocross in my life! Who really trusts the weather stations; right?  It w...