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Friday, November 27, 2020


 I've posted several items about buying my 2017 Honda CRF450R from Horner at the Mesquite MX track when my grandpa and I couldn't get the 2005 Honda CRF450R started.  The '05 was a great bike.  Justin Batty found that the only problem with the bike was a loose wire on the kill switch.  Valves were good and adjusted; everything was great in the engine but the stupid kill switch let me down.  ...lesson learned 😫

So, with that being said Horner was selling his 2017 Honda CRF450R.  We were parked right next to him when he told us about the bike.  Everybody seemed to know him at the track.  We shouldn't have trusted him at his word.  He rode the bike into the ground.  He said that his mechanic did this and did that.  Yeah, right!  Basically the guts of the bike wasn't even really a Honda.  We have put in over four-thousand dollars back into the bike.  The following is the latest fiasco that costs us a ton of money.  

At my last race in Mona at Mountain West I had problems with the clutch.  After starting at the gate I couldn't get it to do anything; the clutch was gone.

We took the bike into @RS Power Sports in Las Vegas where we met Ronen and his partner Johnny. Here is their information 4450 W. Donovan Way Suite 126, North Las Vegas, NV 89081 (702) 781-4433.

Ronen is originally from Israel where he served in the equivalent of the Marines.  He also raced motocross as well as a professional horse racing jockey.  Ronen knows more about off road vehicles than anybody I've ever met; amazing.  He took the clutch apart and showed me where the problem(s) were and are. Wrong clutch parts for this Rekluse clutch.  He showed me where something was scratching the clutch cover.  You can see the scraping in the following photos of the clutch.

He had to order replacement parts which were going to take a while to get in.  I had a race in Mesquite that I had planned on.  Ronen said that he could grind down and machine the clutch parts to get it running for me but couldn't guarantee that it would hold up in the race.  It was really nice of him to try just for me; that's the kind of guy he and his shop is.  It started out great.  With my new Pivotrax MX tires I won the holeshot and I thought it was going to be a great race but the band aid, duct tape fix just couldn't withstand the race.  The repair job only lasted for the holeshot and a couple of turns. Ronen tried but the Rekluse clutch was beyond repair. 
I'm in the middle, white Bell Helmet, Black and Red O'Neal Riding Gear on the 2017 Honda CRF450R.

So back to RS Power Sport for repair.  This time Ronen was going back to basics and ordered Honda OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  Yeah, more money but Ronen was taking care of me and promised I would like the clutch.
The bike is back!  Ronen, his crew and RS Power Sport did it!  It runs like it is brand new; I guess it is.  Everything has been rebuilt including tires wheels, grips, plastics; it is brand new. So I think that it is time to put it up for sale.  My grandpa and I are thinking that it is worth around $7,500.  I'll be posting it for sale with everything that has been put on the bike and the repairs made so you can see it will be a great deal.  I'm looking at dropping down to the 250cc class.  As a beginner that gives me a chance to race in a few different motos instead of just the 450 Beginner Class.

As far as Ronen and RS Power Sport; he's our go to "Mechanic" from now on.  His shop looks like a small bike shop but don't let that fool you.  This shop is Amazing!  Take your bike, your ATV, whatever to him.  You'll be amazed at what he can do.


  • (702) 781-4433


4550 Donovan way north
Suite 126
North Las Vegas, NV 89081

If you would like to donate on my GoFundMe page which would really help me and my grandpa "Papa" out or even know of a company or somebody who would like to support and sponsor me let us know.  Here is the GoFundMe page: Click Here.  Remember every penny goes to helping me race and I promise you I will succeed!  Thank you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 WOW! I just received my first PIVOTRAX MX tire today and should be getting the other tire sometime tomorrow when I get home from school.  I'm going to try to get them mounted before this weekend.  I'm totally excited to try these out.  They sound amazing!  ...and they sent them to me just to try them out; okay, I can do that.😏

PIVOTRAX is born from Apexway Products Corp., a Taiwanese company with more than 40 years of experience on the tire industry.

This year we have decided to go a step further and design motocross tires especially for you. It is our enthusiasm and passion what drives us to do what we are good at.

We’re determined to bring you across all tracks you choose to tread. We don't plan on changing the way you ride. Rather, we are giving you a better way to conquer unknown terrains every time you start your engine.

Our tires have been designed to endure the uncertainty and harshness of dirt bike racing. Grip, traction, balance, even tire tread noise have been optimized for support, better handling, and ultimately your safety.

Each is tested to perform impeccably on mile-long trails, be it on mountains, deserts, beaches, and forests even smoothly paved routes. We see to it that they are ready for both motocross and endurance tracks.

We continue to explore tires with different patterns, strength, and hardness made of different compounds suitable for various tracks and terrains.

As soon as I get the second tire and mount them I'll post a review on how they handled on my 2017 Honda CRF450R at the track.  

Here are the tires mounted.  They were great on the track.  I really felt the difference with the new Pivotrax MX Tires and I love them.  

The guys from ProAction really helped me out at the Mesquite race.  I had no way of mounting the tires at the track so right before practice and my first moto ProAction mounted the tires.  Thanks guys.



Monday, November 2, 2020



Utah Moto Co put on a MX race over Halloween weekend at the fairly new Mountain West Motocross Park in Mona, Utah.  I raced in the 450 Beginners but had a lot of fun camping with my grandma and grandpa.  Due to the time of the year the track was frozen in the morning.  I think it got down over night to a little above 13-14 degrees; burrrrrr!   They are going through a learning curve on when and how to water their track soil.  I absolutely love this track and look forward to practicing on it whenever I can.

Utah Moto Co put on a great event.  Loved the music and the announcing system; you could actually hear them announcing.  Go Figure; right?

Here is a look at the track:

Here is one of the jumps:

Friday, October 23, 2020



I want to thank O'Neal for their rider support discount which allowed me to be able to afford the rider protection I need to compete without the fear of destroying my body.  My grandpa just placed the order for the O'Neal Underdog III Protector which looks amazing.  I can't wait to put it on and test it on the track.



• Constructed from high-impact resistant, injection molded plastic, and IPX® material designed to protect your: shoulders, elbows, forearms, chest, and back

• IPX® back protector extends from the base of the neck to lower back; helping ensure complete protection where you need it most

• 9 areas of adjustment for the perfect fit

• Back protector zips off for easy cleaning

• Extensive mesh venting helps keep you cool while riding

• Adjustable elastic kidney belt with Hook and Loop closure for a secure fit

• Neck brace compatible

All decked out in my red O'Neal Riding Gear


I just received the box with my Body Amor.  I was excited to try it on and had read quite a few reviews about it.  A few of the Pro riders who wear it said that the back protection pad was a little thick and sometimes would get hung up with gear.  They suggested a new pad from O'Neal.  Anyway, I tried to get it on.  It was almost like a wet suit.  It was a tight fit.  I ordered a Large since that is what most of my shirts are but this did not fit.  I could not even zip it up.  My grandpa is emailing O'Neal to see if we can replace it with an X-Large.  I'm 6'0" and around 185 lbs.  I'll let everybody know the difference when I try on the X-Large.
                                      SECOND FITTING
So, I sent back the Large but got dinged for return shipping and then had to pay again for the replacement X-Large shipping, bummer; just extra cost added to the Body Armor.
The X-Large isn't that much larger than the Large so be careful when you order online.  You need to find a dealer to try it on before you buy it.  After wearing it during practice the elbow protection and the lower sleeves actually cut off the circulation in my arms; not good.  My grandpa had an idea.  I still needed the protection of the vest, front and back including the shoulders so he grabbed a razor knife and cut off the sleeves right below the shoulder pads; worked great.  I still have the protection of the vest; just not the elbows.  Then after the race my grandma who really knows how to sew clothing cleaned up the cut fabric. O'Neal should consider this as an option.  Lastly, I need to change out the back pad to a gel filled pad.  The one that comes with the vest makes the vest uncomfortable to ride in and catches everything on the back.

I wore the O'Neal vest with the changes with comfort and knowing that I had protection with the exception of the elbows and lower arms.  

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Mountain West Motocross Park

 Finally, I've been exercising and treating my injured shoulder for seems like forever and today for the first time in a long, long time I felt pretty good.  I had a chance to go ride the new Mountain West Motocross Park Track with my best friend Brigham and had a great time.  I know a lot of people thought that I was sandbagging and whining about the injury but it really took away from what I could do.  My arm would actually and totally go numb.  It would just shut down and I couldn't even feel the throttle.  Anyway, back in the saddle getting practice again; yahooooo!

"Mountain West MX Park provides a top of the line motocross experience to all ages and experience levels. We encourage family oriented riding and camping for all as well as individual riders and friends. We are located in hills between Mona and Goshen Utah. The track has several elevation changes and is settled in its own private valley with amazing views of Mt Nebo and surrounding mountains. The dirt is amazing and the track was developed by track building professionals. Come enjoy Mountain West MX, you won't want to ride anywhere else."

I'm needing sponsors and if you could help please donate to my GoFundMe page: GoFundMe  Believe me when I say every penny helps me and goes a long, long way.  Thank you to everybody that helps.  Taylor J. Thomas

Sunday, September 6, 2020



No, that's not me stalling out in the gate but I felt bad for the guy.  I'm #741, White Helmet, Red & Black. I've been there; believe me, ugh!

Once thing I'm getting good at is my Holeshot.  I got number two in this moto at Rupert.  It helped that the rider next to me stalled out so I didn't have to worry about him crashing into me.  

Okay, what do I mean by the Holeshot, To holeshot means that you reach the first turn in the lead.  It is one of the best feelings in mx racing but it also keeps you from getting killed going into the first corner.

I'm getting to know riders from all over the place; Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada.  I think it's cool to meet as many as I can and find out what they think.  Most guys like to talk about their bikes and how they are doing but like life there are a few guys who think their you-know-what doesn't stink.  I guess if you're better than everybody there you don't have to remember how you started.  I hope I never, ever get that way.

Failure isn’t to be Feared
"Failing is part of the success equation — there is no sidestepping it. In order to become great at a skill or activity, you have to first learn it, then practice it to become proficient. This means failing multiple times, learning from the failures and then adjusting behavior to go a bit further each time."

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


 I'm looking forward to this weekend's RMX Real Motocross race held at Rupert MX track in Rupert, Idaho.  I'm feeling pretty good and thanks to the guys at ASTERISK I feel like my knees are really protected against the other "Beginners, ha, ha" They are crazy; that's for sure.

I think I'm feeling comfortable with my new FASST Flexx bars but still experimenting with them as I ride each race.  Townsend gives me so much advice and I'm really grateful for it.  Without the help of others I would not even know how to proceed.

Vince from the SMX Factory School taught me some really valuable techniques that I'm still working on but on my last race I felt that really helped me.  Thanks Vince.

I want to say thanks to everybody that helps me each and every day especially those who have donated to my GoFundMe page.  Wow, thank you.  For anybody that would like to donate; every dollar helps me get to the next race click here GOFUNDME


Sunday, August 23, 2020

Gate Malfunction - Just Another Bad Luck Moment!

 Even though I am still nursing a really sore shoulder strain I just wanted to get back on my bike and put into action what Vince had taught me at SMX Factory School last week.  I knew that I wouldn't be even close to a hundred-percent but I thought if I rode smart I could finish a couple of motos.

Because of my first couple of days of high school which was mandatory I didn't get to practice the OHC MX track in Willard, Utah but that was okay.  I didn't need to trash the shoulder any more than needed.  We found a spot to park the trailer at the very far back of the track under some high voltage power lines so on Saturday morning I could get a couple of times around the track.

As instructed to do so I took it easy taking in and trying to learn the track as much as I possible could with limited time.  

RMX refuses to give us transponders because we are just beginners.  My grandpa and I as well as the other riders don't feel that's really right.  They don't discount our motos.  They don't give us a break on the price.  We deserve to have the transponder as much as anybody else.  Sure, I'm a beginner but it's good to know your time splits; right?

The first moto was back to learning.  I took my time wanting to make sure I finished the race.  I took a few hard jolts on the shoulder which really hurt but overall felt pretty good for not racing for what seems likes a long time.

I was pretty excited for the second moto.  I knew now what to expect.  They split the 450 Beginner Class into two with over sixty something riders.  I was put into the second group.  I wasn't going to go out gangbusters because the shoulder was kind of sore but I felt like I was going to do pretty good.

Prepped the gate; got ready; my best friend Brigham helped me set my hole shot.  I was ready to go.  Good Form! Engine revving; sounds good.  Here I go!  Oh CRAP! The stupid gate malfunctioned.  Everybody was taking off!  I couldn't!  My gate was still up in the air!  Take a look at the video.  You can see the dog gone stupid gate is still up.  Give me a break; right?

Moto went good though.  Corey Townsend said he thought I finished in the top ten.  Camden Schern's dad also counted me up there as well.  My grandpa and my friend Brigham counted me as well in the top ten. RMX has kids counting riders.  Go figure; no transponders.  Everybody told them their placing was totally messed up.  I agree.  But I did what I needed to do finish the race; race with good form; don't lay the bike down; position my body correctly around the corners and through the ruts.  I'm alive to ride another day!

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