Monday, June 7, 2021

#ONEALRIDERS #ONEOFUS - 5 SRS Sleek Helmet - What do you think?


The #O'Neal 5 SRS Sleek Helmet


Streamlined and Race Ready

The O’Neal 5 SRS Helmet is constructed using a lightweight ABS shell. This 5 SRS line pairs a Coolmax® liner with multiple air vents to help keep you cool and dry during longer rides and hot summer motos. 

What do you think?  I've got the new #O'Neal Red, White and Blue cool #Airwear Freez jerey, pants and gloves on order for my birthday but don't you think I need the cool Red, White and Blue USA #O'Neal 5 SRS Helmet?  Tell me what you think by making a comment below.

Looks Cool; Right?


  1. Red, White and Blue - Go USA - should be great riding gear for the upcoming races around the 4th of July. #O'Neal

  2. #O'Neal just got the helmets in so one is on order. Pretty excited to put it all together for the new all #ONEALRIDERS look, USA, Red, White and Blue - Go #ONEALRIDERS! #ONEOFUS

  3. A couple of years after the fact, comparative law was presented in the US through the Highway Safety Act that made it compulsory for helmets to be worn in each state.


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