Friday, October 23, 2020



I want to thank O'Neal for their rider support discount which allowed me to be able to afford the rider protection I need to compete without the fear of destroying my body.  My grandpa just placed the order for the O'Neal Underdog III Protector which looks amazing.  I can't wait to put it on and test it on the track.



• Constructed from high-impact resistant, injection molded plastic, and IPX® material designed to protect your: shoulders, elbows, forearms, chest, and back

• IPX® back protector extends from the base of the neck to lower back; helping ensure complete protection where you need it most

• 9 areas of adjustment for the perfect fit

• Back protector zips off for easy cleaning

• Extensive mesh venting helps keep you cool while riding

• Adjustable elastic kidney belt with Hook and Loop closure for a secure fit

• Neck brace compatible

All decked out in my red O'Neal Riding Gear


I just received the box with my Body Amor.  I was excited to try it on and had read quite a few reviews about it.  A few of the Pro riders who wear it said that the back protection pad was a little thick and sometimes would get hung up with gear.  They suggested a new pad from O'Neal.  Anyway, I tried to get it on.  It was almost like a wet suit.  It was a tight fit.  I ordered a Large since that is what most of my shirts are but this did not fit.  I could not even zip it up.  My grandpa is emailing O'Neal to see if we can replace it with an X-Large.  I'm 6'0" and around 185 lbs.  I'll let everybody know the difference when I try on the X-Large.
                                      SECOND FITTING
So, I sent back the Large but got dinged for return shipping and then had to pay again for the replacement X-Large shipping, bummer; just extra cost added to the Body Armor.
The X-Large isn't that much larger than the Large so be careful when you order online.  You need to find a dealer to try it on before you buy it.  After wearing it during practice the elbow protection and the lower sleeves actually cut off the circulation in my arms; not good.  My grandpa had an idea.  I still needed the protection of the vest, front and back including the shoulders so he grabbed a razor knife and cut off the sleeves right below the shoulder pads; worked great.  I still have the protection of the vest; just not the elbows.  Then after the race my grandma who really knows how to sew clothing cleaned up the cut fabric. O'Neal should consider this as an option.  Lastly, I need to change out the back pad to a gel filled pad.  The one that comes with the vest makes the vest uncomfortable to ride in and catches everything on the back.

I wore the O'Neal vest with the changes with comfort and knowing that I had protection with the exception of the elbows and lower arms.  

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Mountain West Motocross Park

 Finally, I've been exercising and treating my injured shoulder for seems like forever and today for the first time in a long, long time I felt pretty good.  I had a chance to go ride the new Mountain West Motocross Park Track with my best friend Brigham and had a great time.  I know a lot of people thought that I was sandbagging and whining about the injury but it really took away from what I could do.  My arm would actually and totally go numb.  It would just shut down and I couldn't even feel the throttle.  Anyway, back in the saddle getting practice again; yahooooo!

"Mountain West MX Park provides a top of the line motocross experience to all ages and experience levels. We encourage family oriented riding and camping for all as well as individual riders and friends. We are located in hills between Mona and Goshen Utah. The track has several elevation changes and is settled in its own private valley with amazing views of Mt Nebo and surrounding mountains. The dirt is amazing and the track was developed by track building professionals. Come enjoy Mountain West MX, you won't want to ride anywhere else."

I'm needing sponsors and if you could help please donate to my GoFundMe page: GoFundMe  Believe me when I say every penny helps me and goes a long, long way.  Thank you to everybody that helps.  Taylor J. Thomas

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