Sunday, July 25, 2021

#ASV Clutch & Brake Levers

 I just finished up my 4 motos, two 250 class motos and two 450 class motos and feel like I need a lot more work on corners and also watching out for crashed riders on the track in front of me.  It was a wild and crazy day; that's for sure.  My first 250 moto was just plain weird!  Three of us was bunched together going into a far corner of the track.  Some new guy was running the water truck.  As we entered into the corner it was a complete mud puddle but the worse of it the water truck operator didn't see us because he was watering with traffic not against it so we were in his blind spot.  Evidently as we found out later was that the water throttle was stuck and he couldn't turn it off so he knocked us off our bikes into the mud puddle and kept spraying water on us as we layed there in the mud. We got back up covered with mud but when I got back to the trailer and washed the bike I noticed that the crash took a toll on the brake lever.  The stock Yamaha lever was cracked and bent down but I still could use the brake; at least until my last 250 race.  A rider crashed pretty hard in front of me and as I went over him I went down and the brake lever completely broke off.

It's pretty hard to race without a front brake lever so it ended my race which was my last race of the day.

I wanted to get some #ASV levers anyway.  I've put my application in for a sponsorship to help pay for new levers but haven't heard back from them yet.

So, my grandpa and I start searching for the new levers.  #ASV is backordered on everything for over 2 weeks.  I was wanting to pick up the C6 but no luck.  We called Rocky Mountain ATV and found the C6 in blue and placed the order.  They were in stock in Kentucky. Then the next day I got a call back from Marcie and she said their inventory was off and they didn't have the #ASV C-6 levers in stock.  Great, now what? I can't find levers! We asked what about the #ASV F-4? She checked inventory and said that they could FEDEX the clutch and lever because she found a pair in stock in Kentucky.  Have you ever noticed that Rocky Mountain hardly ever has inventory in Payson, Utah?  Anyway, placed the order and waiting for them to arrive to mount them on my bike.

They are going to look great on the Yamaha and #ASV is a great Made in America Company!    As soon as I get them and mount them I'll post the pictures.

About ASV Inventions
Lifelong motorcyclist, racer, entrepreneur and bicycle industry business leader Bob Morales came up with the idea for the unbreakable motorcycle lever in 1995 when he broke his clutch lever while practicing for a motocross race. After selling his interest in Kore Bicycle Components in 1998, he started developing his pivoting lever idea and founded ASV Inventions. 

He sold the first unbreakable dirt bike levers at the Glen Helen National in May of 2000. It took six months to sell through the initial 250 unit production run of CNC-machined clutches as dealers and riders got their heads around the idea of a lever that was built to last and to improve the rider experience instead of something you bought in pairs and replaced as needed.

Since those early days of skepticism, ASV has sold over a million unbreakable levers worldwide to riders and racers and have expanded from the off-road market into the quad, street and adventure categories and beyond. 

Bob Morales is still at the helm, and his mission — besides trying to ride as many days of the week as he can pull off — remains to bring products to market that are category changing. As riders ourselves, we are all committed to developing high-end parts you are proud to have on your bike, not just because they look great but because they make your riding experience better. 

From day one, we’ve backed up our levers with an unconditional guarantee — as crazy an idea in the motorcycle world as unbreakable levers were when we introduced them. Through market ups and downs we have never strayed from the idea of using only the highest-quality components in all our parts and backing them with an unbeatable warranty and customer service we can be proud of.

Monday, July 5, 2021


 Okay, I am showing off my great new red, white and blue #ONEALRIDERS gear.  O'Neal is so busy that they are basically back ordered on most of their stock but my helmet finally arrived and yes, I'm stoked!  Here is a photo of my #ONEOFUS #O'Neal Gear.  I'm also wearing my #FLOWVISION Goggles which match my gear.

Monday, June 14, 2021


Here is my latest copy of my Resume.  Please pass it on to whoever you think would like to sponsor my efforts in MX Racing.  I do want to thank my sponsors (in alphabetic order) #ASTERISK, #ACERBIS, #FLOWVISION, #ODI, #ONEALRIDERS AND #PIVOTRAX.  Without their help I wouldn't even be able to have a chance riding.  Thanks Guys, all of you!


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

#Daxon Jones - GoFundMe - Trailer, Bike and all his gear stolen.


#Daxon Jones is a super friendly guy who has always been really good to me at the dirt bike races. He was just down in California (home of thieves) trying to qualify for this year's Loretta Lynn race when his trailer, his Honda 250, and all of his gear was stolen.  I hope they catch the crooks and let us all use them as speed bumps on the track!  Any Gina Broadwell, his aunt, started a fundraiser trying to help him.  GOFUNDME

Gina Broadwell is organizing this fundraiser.

Created 16 hours ago

Accidents & Emergencies

My name is Gina Broadwell and I am a super proud aunt to Daxon Jones. I’ve never set up a GoFund before and I know this is a long shot but, I’m reaching out to ask for help on behalf of Daxon. This 18 year old just graduated with HIGH HOPES and BIG GOALS to start the summer qualifying for The Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, formerly the Loretta Lynn Championship.

Dax has been riding for 13 years with the dream to race this race. He has put so much hard work into reaching his racing goals. Over the weekend he raced in California. This morning he woke up to a trailer filled with his racing bike, tools and gear stolen. The trailer that he bought with his own money, the tools that he and his dad used when they worked on his bike and his racing bike... GONE! Somebody had stolen the trailer off the truck and slit the tires to the truck. Dax is heart broken and we are so sad for him. But, he’s not giving up and he’s working to find a way to replace the items that were stolen. With your help we want to help him as well. The next qualifying race is this Thursday. There is not an amount too small, “A little bit of a lot is still a lot.” If you can help us by donating and or sharing this cause we would be so grateful. Thank you with lots of love- TEAM DAXON

Log on and help Daxon out.

Monday, June 7, 2021

#FLOWVISION GOGGLES - Got to have goggles with the new gear; right?

 Okay, I absolutely love FlowVision Goggles.  So, with the new helmet (maybe) and the new #O'Neal Airwear Freez riding gear I've got to match everything with a great pair of #FlowVision Goggles.  Here's my choices.  Let me know.

Flow Vision Motocross Goggles

     Built for today's dirt bike, Motocross, off-road, Supercross and BMX riders, the FlowVision Rythem/Section Goggle is built to perform at an affordable price. The Rythem/Section™ Motocross Goggles is formed from years of experience and knowing what today's rider, "them" in Rythem, need, clear vision.  With an enhanced ultra thick lens, the Rythem/Section™ Motocross Goggle offers you an un-compromised fitment for today dirt bike riders. #Createyourflow

Got to go with Red, White and Blue

#ONEALRIDERS #ONEOFUS - 5 SRS Sleek Helmet - What do you think?


The #O'Neal 5 SRS Sleek Helmet


Streamlined and Race Ready

The O’Neal 5 SRS Helmet is constructed using a lightweight ABS shell. This 5 SRS line pairs a Coolmax® liner with multiple air vents to help keep you cool and dry during longer rides and hot summer motos. 

What do you think?  I've got the new #O'Neal Red, White and Blue cool #Airwear Freez jerey, pants and gloves on order for my birthday but don't you think I need the cool Red, White and Blue USA #O'Neal 5 SRS Helmet?  Tell me what you think by making a comment below.

Looks Cool; Right?

Saturday, June 5, 2021

#ONEALRIDERS #ONEOFUS - Riding Gear Birthday Present from Grandma & Papa Thomas


What a great birthday present.  My grandma and papa just told me that they ordered new O'Neal riding gear for me for my upcoming birthday.  My gear was getting pretty rough with holes everywhere but I love #O'Neal.  I've tried some other gear like Fly (good lightweight gear but doesn't last very long and expensive with no rider's support) and MSR (good gear for the money but again wears out pretty fast).  I was going to try #ACERBIS but they told me that they wouldn't even have an order into the USA until after August.  No problem, O'Neal is great gear and I'm pretty excited for the new color.  A lot of my blog photos were with my older O'Neal Red and Blue and loved it.  Here are photos of the new gear coming.  I'll post the gear when I get it.  Oh, O'Neal is putting my name and number on the jersey for free.  ...LOVE IT. 


#Airwear Freez Vented Jersey Gray/Blue/Red *FREE Jersey print with pant purchase

#Airwear Freez Vented Pant Gray/Blue/Red

#Airwear Glove Gray/Blue/Red


#ASV Clutch & Brake Levers

 I just finished up my 4 motos, two 250 class motos and two 450 class motos and feel like I need a lot more work on corners and also watchin...